Why upgrade my listing?


Lets face it, visibility is the key to attracting new business.  In this day and
age you can not, and should not rely on an alphabetical listing in the phone
book to generate leads or attract new clients.  Todays consumers expect to
go online to a trusted source, such as Genwich Connect, and be directed to
the best service providers in their area.  

Genwich Connect was created out of need.  During most searches online
for Service Providers people often find themselves frustrated by the lack of
information, inability to contact and limited service offerings by most web
sites.  What the Genwich Online Network is shaping is the most
comprehensive database for the Sandwich Generation.  

What are my Upgrade Options?

1. Basic - FREE
   All listings currently in our Database start out as Basic.  This is a FREE
service provided by the Genwich Online Network.  It provides basic
information about your Company Name, Type of Service, City, State and
Zip code.  This helps potential customers search for Service Providers in
their area.

2.  Service - $200.00/year*
   Includes the Basic listing plus adds your phone number and/or email
contact information.  The
Service plan also provides priority placement in
search results display above all Basic listings.  

3.  Value - $300.00/year*
   Includes all offerings in the Basic and Service plans as well as Web Link
directly to your Company Website.  The
Value plan also provides priority
placement in search results display above all Basic and Service plan

4. Excellence - Prices start at $500.00/year*
     The Excellence plan is designed for those Service Providers that really
want to
Stand Out.  This plan provides all elements of the lower plans (web
links, contact info, etc...) plus leverages the entire Genwich Online Network.  
We are able to customize your listing, provide the highest priority
placement above all other listings and add your logo or advertisement
block to multiple pages throughout the Genwich Online Network.  Please
contact us to discuss the most effective options for your business.     

* All plans are automatically renewed until cancelled.

How Do I Upgrade My Listing?

It's Easy.  Just fill out the form below and one of our Administrators will be in
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