Vacation In Milos
By: Nick V.

The Greek isle of Milos, a volcanic
island in the Aegean Sea, is a
beautiful and little-known vacation
spot in one of the most gorgeous
locations in the world. Known as
“the island of colors,” Milos has a
long history that is evident in the
surrounding countryside and
architecture. Near the ancient town
of Milos stands a theatre dating back
from the days of the Golden Age of
Rome, and there are still remains of
buildings and town walls. Milos is possibly best known as the site where the Venus de
Milo was discovered, which now stands in the Louvre today.

Milos truly is a profusion of colors. Arbutus, orange, olive, and cypress trees decorate
the island between fields of cotton and barely. Vines grow throughout the island,
creating an enchanting and beautiful landscape. The island is truly “in bloom” in the
months of April and May, a time that also offers beautiful weather for tourists. Every July
Milos hosts a huge festival of cultural events and music, and this month is seeing more
and more vacationers.
Traveling to and from Milos  
is easy with daily flights to
Athens and daily ferries to
other shores. The island
offers everything to attract
tourists to vacation in Milos:
pastry shops, discos, cafes,
supermarkets, and jewelry
stores are scattered
throughout the island in
convenient locations.

If you vacation in Milos, you
will have more than seventy
different beaches to choose
from. Surrounded by water
and sands of all colors, it is
on the coast that you will
understand why Milos is
known as the island of colors.
The sands range from white
to black, and the waters
range in various shades of
deep blues and greens. The
beaches are quiet and
restful, with no restaurants,
bars, or stereos (except
during the season, in July
and August).
The cuisine makes any vacation in Milos a true experience, and the variety of restaurants
will tempt any tourist palate. Local delicacies include dishes made from cabbage, garlic
sauce, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, and pork. Cheese made from goat milk is a mainstay
of the island, and the locally-made thyme honey is sold in shops throughout the island. If
you vacation in Milos, you will be able to taste locally-made wine, as well as wine imported
from the island of Crete.

Any vacation in Milos will thrill and
delight the senses. Milos is an
island filled with colors, cuisine,
music, and ancient mystery. The
culture and sights of Milos, not to
mention the glorious beaches,
make a vacation in Milos perfect
for anyone wanting to experience
beauty and culture in an exotic
and serene location. But be
warned! One vacation in Milos
often leads to another…and
another…and another.

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