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Broccolini with Pancetta

By Monica Bhide

(Serves 4)

Broccolini, also
known as asparations, is a cross
between kale and broccoli and has a
slightly sweeter taste than regular
Garlic-Roasted Tomatoes

by Dana Jacobi
(Rodale Inc., 2005)

(6 servings)

Generously flavored
with garlic and herbs,
these baked tomatoes serve as a side
dish or an antipasto. They are
delicious even made with hard, unripe
Food & Wine
To Your Health!
Food Safety for Seniors

Serious health problems and even
death can occur from harmful bacteria
found in foods.  Pregnant women,
children and seniors are most at risk.  
Read more about the effects of
bacteria, recognizing foodborne
illness, and food safety at home.
Senior Travel Options

Individuals of the sandwich generation
and seniors are travelling more now
than ever.  Singles, married couples
who have finally managed to empty the
nest and grandparents all fit the profile.
 Those mature adventurers have
reached a financial stability that allows
them to leave the sofas and recliners
behind and explore the world.
Madonna: An unlikely
inspiration for 50-plus set

Sure, Madonna may have scandalized
the Vatican and shocked nearly every
parent in America at some point during
her long and provocative career full of
shrewd image transformations.
The Greek Isle of Milos

Milos is volcanic island in the Aegean
Sea, is a beautiful and little-known
vacation spot in one of the most
gorgeous locations in the world.
Croatia – The
Country Of A

Situated on the
Adriatic coast is a
small and beautiful
country called
Croatia. Famous for
its sprawling Yacht
industry, the place
is growing as a
tourist destination.
Artful Dining

Lately, dining at art museums has
become as enticing as seeing the

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle

Denver Art Museum, Denver

Madison Museum of Contemporary
Art; Madison, Wisconsin

Museum of Modern Art, New York City
The Best Sites In Alaska

One of the most beautiful places on
earth is the state of Alaska. Although
cold, the sites are simply stunning.
Whether sightseeing through natural
parks, looking for bear, camping,
taking a tour, or just dining out, you will
fall in love with the land and the people.