The Effects of Divorce on

Most divorcing parents
are very concerned
about their children’s
reactions to their
separation and divorce.
They want to know, “Will
my child grow up to be healthy and
How to Adopt a Child

Information on Domestic Adoption:
Ten Steps
Follow these 10 steps to your new
family! These steps serve as an
overview of the  basics you need to
know in order to adopt a waiting child
or teenager in the United States.
Bankruptcy filings are on the
rise for seniors

These are tough economic times for
people of all ages, but
few are affected more than senior
citizens living on pensions
and Social Security, and juggling
medical bills, credit card
payments and mortgages along with
soaring food and gas

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The Young Adult Trust

One issue for many families is how to
handle the transfer of valuable assets
to their children when they reach the
age of majority, usually 18 years in
most states.
Living Trusts and Wills
Choice of a Lifetime

Who will get your money, your
property,or even your favorite pearls
or pocket
watch when you're gone? That's not
something most of us
like to dwell on. The
evidence? Few
Hispanics have the
main documents used
to distribute property
after death: only one
in four has a will, and one in five has a
living trust.
What Happens
to Probate
Property if
You Die
Without a Will?

Below are general examples of
property distribution schemes that
show how state laws direct the
distribution of a person’s probate
estate when that person dies without a
will. These state statutes vary
significantly, however; be forewarned
that they contain important details not
covered here.
What happens without a will?
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A Parent's Guide to Daycare

When you choose licensed child care,
you and your family join your child in
new experiences and relationships.
You, the child-care director,
child-care staff, and other people in
the child-care center have a
responsibility to protect the health,
safety, and well-being of your child.
Should Medicaid beneficiaries
with disabilities be forced to live
in nursing homes?

John Boyd, a quadriplegic from
Jacksonville, Fla., savors his freedom.
But Florida
Medicaid rules
have forced
Boyd, 50, to live
in a nursing