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I Want to Get Rid of my

Timeshares have notoriously bad
history when it comes to resale. But
stopping maintenance fees could
easily destroy your credit and be
a breach of
paying those
fees while
you search
for a financial solution to unload that
time-share. If you can't sell it—and in
this market, that's a reasonable
possibility— we've got information on
that here.
It's Time for A Plan - 529

Are you prepared for the rising cost of
college? If not, it's time for a plan.
Mastering Your 401(k)

Ways to Avoid:
1. Running out of money before you die
2. Running afoul of tax rules resulting
in unexpected taxes and penalties
3. Leaving any leftovers in a form that
deprives your heirs of benefits.
Bankruptcy filings are on the
rise for seniors

These are tough economic times for
people of all ages, but
few are affected more than senior
citizens living on pensions
and Social Security, and juggling
medical bills, credit card
payments and mortgages along with
soaring food and gas
Cash Flow Control: Ten Easy
Tips to Help
You Make the
Most of Your

Cash flow—how
much money is
flowing into and
out of your life—may be an easy
concept to understand, but not
everyone is aware of the importance of
skillfully managing that cash.
Here are 10 powerful techniques for
improving your money management
and your financial health right now.
10 Money Saving Tips
1.3 Million More College
Students Applying for Federal
Financial Aid

As the economic downturn continues
and families face tighter budgets,
ongoing troubles in the student loan
markets, and a national unemployment
rate that just hit its highest level in five
years, more students are struggling to
pay for their college education.