The New Meaning of Retirement

The 21st century may be known as
the era of lifelong learning and lifelong
working (Longworth 1999).
Retirement, the
end stage of a
linear working life,
may be replaced
with a learning,
working, leisure,
working, learning
life cycle.

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Education and Career
Adult Education Implications

An aging and changing work force may
cause us to reexamine and revalue the
meaning and necessity of work for
older workers.
Plan for College Beginning in
Eighth Grade
(Make High School Count)

Think about it!
You have to go
to school anyway,
so you might as
well MAKE IT
COUNT! Your high
school years may be the most exciting
and important ones you'll spend in

High quality early
education has
proven to be a great investment for
our country and we believe that this is
a necessary investment, which should
not be passed up. Studies have
shown that a strong focus on
education for children under five has
produced long-term benefits.
Early Childhood Education
1.3 Million More College
Students Applying for Federal
Financial Aid This Fall as
Unemployment Hits Five-Year

As the economic downturn continues
and families face tighter budgets,
ongoing troubles in the student loan
markets, and a national unemployment
rate that just hit its highest level in five
years, more students are struggling to
pay for their college education.
50+ Worker Issues Topic of
Focus Group

AARP Arizona and Rio Salado College
announced efforts to offer a four-part
pilot series of classes on 50+ worker
issues that are to be launched at the
Rio Salado College Lifelong Learning
Center in Surprise, AZ, this Spring.
Second Acts: If not now, when?

What do you
want to be
when you
grow up? The
years at
midlife and beyond present new
opportunities to ask that question —
and an exhilarating chance to
reinvent ourselves.
Biological, career clocks may be
out of sync

Summer Riley's mind-set
changed by the time she
turned 25. That's when
she and Mike decided to
try to have children.