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Early Childhood Education

High quality early childhood education has proven to be a great investment for
our country and we believe that this is a necessary investment, which should not
be passed up. Studies have shown that a strong focus on education for children
under five has produced long-term benefits.

A well-known study found that people who were in
a quality preschool program later in life earned up
to $2,000 more each month than those who were
not. Children who were in preschool programs
usually graduate from high school, own homes,
and have longer marriages.

Similar results are shown in other research.
Children who have been in quality preschool
programs are less likely to need special education,
repeat grades, or get into trouble with the law.

Investing in early childhood education also makes
economic sense. One expert believes that the
return on investment will exceed 12%.

NEA President Reg Weaver tells us, “We know that children who attend full-day
kindergarten are better prepared intellectually, socially, and psychologically than
children who attend kindergarten for half-days. We know that attempting to repair
reading skills in the fourth grade is far more expensive and risky than
guaranteeing pre-reading skills in preschool and good beginning reading skills in
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