Making Elder Care Decisions

Caring for a parent can be overwhelming.  The good news is there are
many resources available to you. There are many professional Geriatric
care managers that have experience dealing with in-home
care, assisted living facilities and nursing home care.

A good care manager can help
you sort through your feelings
and help you regain control of
your life.

There are several options.  You
could hire someone to assist in
the day-to-day in home care of
your parent, you could seek
counseling for yourself or you
could look for a reputable
nursing home or assisted living
facility near you.  

You first need to determine what kind of care your parent requires.  If you
determine a nursing home or assisted living facility is the way to go you first
need to be able to visualize your father there.  Also ask yourself if you can
visualize yourself there, in time of course.

Make sure you take time to walk the facilities.  You need to be sure you are
both comfortable with the surroundings.  Where will you sit when you are
visiting?  Are there activities offered that interest your mom?  

As you consider these questions and options, think in terms of how this
change may enhance your relationships, both with each other and by
opening you both up to meet new people.  

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