Coping with Elder Care Issues

Coping with elder care issues has become a unique hallmark of our generation.
In fact, we are often called the "sandwich generation" because we find ourselves
responsible for the care of our own children on one side, and our aging parents
on the other. The result can be a nightmare of stress and financial insecurity
which degrades our productivity, dulls our senses and threatens our capacity to
enjoy our own lives.

Everyone with elderly parents knows what the issues are: How long can she stay
on her own? Where will she go? What can we afford? What resources are
available? What will happen to her assets? And, of course: Will she have to move
in with us?

Problems Strike Quickly
For most people, the worry of elder care comes on suddenly after an accident or
illness, and they find it necessary to move quickly with little preparation. They
have no feeling for the scope of the problems, no knowledge of community or
governmental resources, no expertise in judging a parent's ability to live safely
and no idea where to turn for help.

Warning Signs
Sometimes there are signals which
anticipate elder care problems. If an
aging parent begins to eat poorly or
skip meals, it may mean she has
become insecure about going out
alone and doesn't shop for food as
often as she should, or she may be too tired to fix dinner. The resulting poor
nutrition leads to further loss of energy and physical problems. She may forget to
take medication regularly,

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which aggravates both physical and mental
problems such as memory loss. It can
become a downward spiral from which it is
difficult to recover. Can she still live at home?
Are there in-home services that can help?

Everyone wants only the best for their
parents, but at what cost? None of us wants
to deal with the guilt of "having Mom put
away." But for many of the sandwich
generation, the stress of dealing with daily
parental care threatens to engulf their own
personal, work and family lives. To avoid
becoming additional casualties themselves,
caregivers must find alternative means to
address these issues.
Help Is Available
Elder Care Advocates provides care management for the elderly which can help
keep them healthy and independent in their own homes for as long as possible.
And when this is no longer feasible, we will let you know and provide objective
evaluations and assistance in making other arrangements. We can take the care
management load off your shoulders and give you back your own life.

If you are just beginning to learn about elder care issues, the Eldercare Resource
Center can help you understand the many factors influencing this complex
problem. Feel free to make use of the articles and links to gain a better
understanding of your own situation and the options you have in dealing with it.
And if you feel you need help in managing the process, call us. We'll help you find
the best solution to your unique problem.
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