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Care for the Caregiver

About 44 million Americans act as caregivers to their spouse, parent or other adult
family member or friend, a role that can be stressful—physically, emotionally and
financially. Their quiet service as caregivers in their own homes is valued at a whopping
$350 billion a year, according to experts who spoke at a workshop at AARP’s Life@50-
Plus National Event and Expo.

But that service comes at a personal cost to
the caregiver who needs more support—from
respite care to help navigating elder services.
And the experts say caregivers need ways to
reduce stress, from exercise to social
networking online.

When it comes to American caregivers:

    • Fifty percent have both child
    care and elder care responsibilities.

    • About 20 percent suffer depression, twice the rate of the general

    • They work 41 hours a week at their care-giving duties.
    • Twenty percent of family members quit work to care for a relative,
    which leads to lower retirement savings and reduced Social Security
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