Advertising Policies

General Advertising Guidelines

The general guidelines listed below may not address each and every advertising/product situation. Each
advertisement must be judged on a case-by-case basis on its own merits.

    1.        Conformity of Government Laws and Regulations. All advertising material presented to         
    members in Genwich Online publications must conform to governmental laws and regulations and
    to the standards and policies of the Association.

    2.        Substantiation of Claims. Any claim made in an ad will have to be substantiated to the
    satisfaction of Genwich Life Services LLC as will reference to any scientific studies.

    3.        Company Must Be Financially Sound and Have a Good Customer Service Record. To
    ascertain this, Genwich Life Services LLC may conduct an in-depth assessment of the company.
    The following may be required from advertisers: Background information, the proposed ad,
    possibly a product sample and customer service information. If Genwich cannot substantiate a
    potential advertiser's background, a background on the parent company may suffice as long as a
    connection between the two companies has been established and the parent company
    acknowledges responsibility.

    4.        The Genwich Logo and Use of Its Name. General advertisers may not use the Genwich
    logo. The use of the Genwich name, its initials or the name of any of its publications may not be
    used in any advertisement, promotional materials or follow-up mailings without the express prior
    written permission of Genwich Life Services LLC.

    5.        Genwich Endorsements of Products & Services. Genwich endorses certain member
    services to meet specific needs and desires of Genwich viewers. The appearance of any other
    advertising in any of Genwich’s online publications, however, does not constitute nor should be
    construed as an endorsement of any product or service.

    6.        Testimonials and Endorsements. Genwich requires releases for offers or statements made
    in ads by featured individuals and companies.

    7.        Genwich Reserves The Right To Reject Any Advertisements. Genwich reserves the right to
    decline or reject any advertisement for any reason at any time without liability, even though
    previously acknowledged or accepted.

    8.        Genwich Protects The Privacy of its Members. Genwich is committed to offering members a
    choice about how personal information is used.

    Special Requirements

    Some ad categories raise a number of issues for which Genwich may require additional information
    as its experience demonstrates a more in-depth investigation as needed. These categories include:
    •        Auto Insurance
    •        Business Opportunity or Franchise Sales
    •        Credit Cards
    •        Financial or Investment Information or Offers
    •        Hearing Aids
    •        Health Insurance
    •        Home Equity Loans
    •        Homeowners and Mobile Home Insurance
    •        Mail Order Offers
    •        OTCs, Vitamins, and Herbs
    •        Personal Emergency Response Systems
    •        Pharmaceutical and Drug Stores
    •        Prescription Drugs
    •        Reverse Mortgages
    •        Vanity Publishers

    Unacceptable Ad Messages

    Genwich deems some industry sectors as unacceptable for its online publications. These include:
    •        Guns, firearms, weapons
    •        Age-related membership organizations recruiting members
    •        Political, religious or public policy messages
    •        Tobacco and related products

    Genwich does not accept any of these ads. This includes any ad that might be an image ad from a
    tobacco company or an ad seeking to promote the good works of any tobacco company or group
    of companies. Genwich will accept ads for legitimate stop-smoking techniques or products.
    The Publications Director and Publisher reserve the right to reject any advertising, at any time, for
    any reason or to limit the advertising pages in any edition, even though previously acknowledged
    or accepted.

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