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related to the Sandwich Generation.

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Making Life Changing Decisions
Start Planning Now if You Have to
Care for an Aging Parent One Day
As the nation ages, millions of adults will
find they are thrust into caring for an aging
parent or relative.
Help with Economic Pain
Thousands of low-income older
adults who are struggling financially
can get free counseling, thanks to a
new government program.
What the Elder Justice Act
Would Do
Establish an Elder Justice Coordinating
Council of officials from across federal
departments to study elder abuse
issues and solutions and develop a
report with recommendations
Despite Wall Street Gains,
Worst Is Not Over
Trying to manage finances for your
retirement? Are the stressful days
of economic gloom truly behind us?
Travel to Morocco:
Mavens Of the Maghreb
Morocco is the essence of
North African charm and the
land of commingling horizons,
glittering Saharan  deserts of
the south and east quickly
become snow-capped
mountains of the Atlas range,
followed by the rolling green
Centenarian Still Enjoys Life
Virgil Coffman has a long history with
cars. He estimates he has owned
about 40 different automobiles. But
none of those cars provided as much
fanfare and notoriety as his most
recent purchase.
Scam Alert: Not What the Doctor
Some do it out of need, stealing others’
health coverage to get medical treatment
they can’t afford. But for most, it’s greed.
10 Ways to Deal with Caregiver Stress
When caring for others, it's critical that you first take care
of yourself.  By not doing so, you put yourself at risk of
exhaustion, health problems and even total burnout.
Social Security Alone Isn't Enough
Social Security provides on average only 40 percent of
the income needs of persons 65 and over.
Amsterdam Introduction
Amsterdam in its inimitable style, will
captivate you. Friendly, open-minded
and easygoing, the Amsterdammers
flaunt their quirky creativity in
Jordaan's boutiques and welcome all-
comers like long-lost friends in
canalside cafés.
Back to College at Midlife
Colleges and universities have sent
out their acceptances and
rejections. Anticipation (and anxiety)
strike older Americans nationwide
as they check their mailboxes or
click on admissions websites.
Save on Your Taxes
You can save money on
everything, but here's how
you can get started saving
on your yearly tax bill.